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cleaning solutions for

your home business and vehicle's!


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 Ezae Custom Works
           We Bring the Steam Cleaning & Detailing To You    
Serving the DC Metro Area
                                                                               ​​​ Since 19​99

  Ezae Custom Works brings the most effective
and ecologically friendly method of cleaning
and sanitizing your vehicle, 
home and business
without the use of hazardous chemicals. 
This makes your environment safer for
your family and employees.  
Compared to traditional cleaning methods,
we use vapor-steam which is ideal because 
many locations are unequipped to deal with 
excessive waste-water, 
abundances of chemicals
and the resulting downtime.  
We specialize in cleaning 
carpets, furniture, kitchens
and food prep areas, 
bathroom sanitizing, and vehicle detailing. 
We also offer services in graffiti removal, gum removal, and erasing stains from surfaces all while deodorizing and sanitizing.

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Serving the Entire DC Metropolitan Area
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