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                                                    Why detail a vehicle?

A clean vehicle increases vehicle value and is an integral element of the first impression others have of you. 

Here are some more good reasons :
  • Increases value & gas efficiency of your vehicle - less dust is accumulated
  • Improves & makes it look attractive, especially if you are selling or trading in
  • Projects professionalism & success especially for businesses & sales professionals
  • Increases vehicle life of by removing shine loss created by the wear & tear of daily driving
  • Removes pet hair and other allergy causing dirt and dust
  • Admit it - a clean ride is fun and stylish

                               Why should I wash & wax a boat or rv/motorhome?

Maximize your investment. Sun/UV rays are harmful to your fiberglass or gel-coat. Performing a wash and wax service will not only keep the harmful "oxidation" away, but give your clear coat a new life each time. You should wash and wax your boat/rv at least twice a year, at the minimum.